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Freedman Harness 


From Crystal Lady down through the years, no harness has made the victory pass more often than that made by Freedman Harness in Toronto, Canada.

Sam Freedman followed many generations of his family as a harness maker. Sam apprenticed in a large shop in Toronto that made harness for the horse drawn delivery trade that was slowly seeing modernization alter the daily use of the delivery horse. With a belief that the skill of a harness maker would always continue to exist, Sam Freedman worked by day making harness in the shop of another man, and spent evenings developing his own small business still within the city of Toronto. Sam took on repair work, and became know for quality workmanship. A chance to modify a set of show harness, and an invitation to attend the Royal Winter Fair opened a whole new world to Sam and his wife, Gilda. Sam decided that a world of opportunity awaited under the soft lights of horse show ring. Sam spent evenings hand cutting and stitching a bridle to fit a Hackney pony. That one bridle was quickly sold at a harness shop in Toronto. Inquiries soon came his way from the leading exhibitors recognizing the harness makers talent and attention to detail. It was time to take his skill and develop his own business where he could perfect his craft.

Freedman Harness came into being and for 70 years, has been a leader in innovation, quality and set the standard of excellence which continues today.

For many years their trade stand at the Royal Winter Fair was a popular destination for visitors attending the fair to admire the fine harness on display and for a new exhibitor to dream of the day they would show a horse that would wear Freedman harness.

In the family tradition, the knowledge and standard for perfection was passed to the next generation. Sam's son David, learned the craft at the side of his father. Like his father, David has taken his own ideas and developed, modified and adjusted business and the products to suit the changing needs of the driving and show horse industry.

The Canadian Hackney Society is proud to include the Freedman family and Freedman Harness in our Hall of Fame. The Freedmans have been valued supporters of the Hackney breed over a long period of time and very much a part in turning

(Inducted April 2017)

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