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Frank and Cynthia Haydon



Frank and Cynthia Haydon were the consummate Hackney professionals. They bred many of the great horses and ponies, exported Hackney horses and ponies to eight countries including Japan, trained champions in hand and in harness, and exhibited in England, Europe, and North America.

In 45 years they exhibited 57 champion stallions and mares in the horse division, and 47 champion pony stallions and mares at the English Hackney Show. During this same period, the Haydons exhibited 36 champion harness ponies and 29 champion harness horses for themselves and their many customers. Their success at other major shows is considerable.

In addition to breed shows, horses were shown in coaching marathons and competed in the first Europeon four-in-hand driving championships in 1972, being one of the three members of the winning British team. 

Both grew up in a family deeply involved with Hackneys. Their marriage in 1939 was followed by the establishment of the Hurstwood Stud in 1946.  From the first post-war Hackney show in 1946 until their dispersal of show and breeding stock in 1991, they were leaders in the field of presentation and turnout, and managed the breeding programs for many breeding farms in England. Their many clients included John A. MacDougald of Toronto, Canada, Chauncey Stillman of New York, and a long list of the leading owners in England. 

The Haydons will always be recognized as true champions of the Hackney breed.  Their long-term commitment to the breeding and showing of superb animals will be recognized for as long as there are Hackneys being bred. (Inducted April 2017)

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