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Helen Southgate



Helen Southgate was the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elgin Armstrong, owners of the famous A. B. C. Farms of Brampton.     Helen made her first show ring appearance at the Orangeville Fair in the late 1930s.  A family venture of taking a shetland pony named Playboy, a gift given to her brother Charles would be the beginning of a long and distinguished show stable.  Helen got to show Playboy in the class for lady drivers, and received first place.  This would encourage more ponies, that Helen and her mother would show beginning in Florida in February, ending in Chicago in December.  Many show seasons would see them away from home for 6 to 8 weeks at at a time, taking in as many as 16 shows in the U. S. one season.  With the passing of her mother, Helen did not continue to keep up the tremendous pace that had been the normal for twenty five years. A few ponies were sent to a trainer and Helen drove occasionally. The mother- daughter combination that took in so many shows, with many great ponies had quietly come to a close. Occasionally she would return to the ring to drive for Mr. Stillman at the Royal and enjoyed watching the next generation make their mark in the show ring.  Helen Southgate is truly one of the grand ladies of the show ring, and set a standard of excellent for generations to come.(Inducted April 2016)

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