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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair



For 95 year the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair has played an important role in the showing and promoting of the Hackney horse and pony in Canada. From its initial event in 1922, Hackneys have always been a part of its horse show, and for many years a division in the agricultural show offered a competition for breeding stock. Hackneys from four Canadian provinces and many states in the U.S. have traveled to Toronto to be judged a Royal Agricultural Winter Fair champion. No other show in Canada carries this standard of excellence.

From its beginings with divisions in the horse show for Hackney horses and Hackney ponies in harness, five divisions are now offered.

As much as times have changed, the level of competition has remained as the leading show in Canada and a ribbon in any class continues a source of pride and accomplishment.

The Canadian Hackney Society is pleased to include the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair as a member of its Hall of Fame. The partnership between the Hackney and the fair has given the society an event which we are proud to be a part of.

We thank the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Association of Canada for their ongoing support in the breeding and showing of Hackney horses and ponies. We look forward to being a part of this great event for many years to come.

(Inducted April 2017)

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