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Mr. and Mrs. G Arthur M Davison, Unionville, Ontario

Whitegate Smile, Mrs Davison's pony stallion

The Davisons were leading breeders and exhibitors of ponies in Ontario from 1912 through to the late 1940s.

Mr and Mrs Davison established Ford Model T dealership in Unionville in 1912. As a hobby, they showed a large stable of Hackney ponies, Shetlands and Roadsters. The Hackney ponies Starlight, Ashburn, Gloria and Whitegate Britania were her great winners during the 1920s and 30s. Frank Brown showed the ponies, and was consider to be the first to show a pony four-in- hand at Canadian shows. Whitegate Smile was their breeding stallion, and was champion at the CNE. Whitegate Smile and most of his offspring bearing the Daviburn prefix were sold to Mr. Douglas Slark, Jordan Station, Ontario when was establishing his Manor Hackney Farm in 1930. Manor Smile, bred by Mrs. Davison eventually headed the pony stud of Mrs. Loula Long Combs. Daviburn Bantam went to the US as well and was considered an important sire for the breed. Some ponies were sold to Mrs. Nancy Potter Bourne of Long Island, New York. They were put together as a four in hand by Morris Howlett and Mrs. Bourne drove the team during the winters in Aiken, South Carolina. Mrs Davison continued to show at the Royal Winter Fair and CNE until approximately 1950, and her granddaughter, Mrs. Betty Rae Reeve competed for 50 more years with Palominos and Saddlebreds. The Daviburn pony stud played an important role in the development of the Hackney Pony in Canada.

(Inducted April 2013)

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