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Larry Ella

Larry Ella

 and Par Excellence 

Leaving his ‘Mark’ on the Hackney Division at the Royal Winter Fair


Larry Ella - known by many, as a long-time Breeder and a focused Trainer of World Class Hackneys.  Having been accredited with the designation of an Honourable Governor at the Royal Winter Fair – simply put, a showman in the ring.


Larry was first introduced to the Pony World at the age of 7 by his parents, the Late Howard & Doreen Ella.


Born and raised in Woodbridge, Ontario – and calling Schomberg home for the past 37 years.  Larry and his wife Diane raised two girls and numerous Hackney ponies.  


Having found a Hackney bloodline that he liked – Larry secured his legacy with a partnership that he built his career upon.  He credits his once in a lifetime pony, Mark of Excellence - Larry and Mark built a career for which Larry and much of his clients’ had great success.  


Such successes include numerous wins at local and various shows in the United States.  Under Larry’s direction, he and his clients have accomplished multiple Provincial, National, International and World Championship titles.  

Larry received the highest of accolades from his peers, being awarded with Hackney Pony of the Year awards and receiving both Hackney Trainer and Breeder of Year Awards by the UPHA.  Larry accomplishments have garnered him both Canadian and American Hackney Hall of Fame awards too.


Larry and his Ella Stables proudly represented in all of the Hackney classes at the prestigious Royal Winter Fair.  Being a seasoned Royal board member, sponsor and exhibitor – Larry promoted and represented the Hackney division with excellence.  


In Larry’s history at the Royal, he was influential with the addition of Hackney breed divisions – being mindful of the importance of breed preservation of Canadian Hackney enthusiasts and exhibitors. 


Larry’s accomplishments at the Royal Winter Fair are note worthy – he and his Ella Stables having over 125 Victory Pass Wins at the Royal Winter Fair in various Hackney performance classes.

(Larry was origionally inducted to the CHS Hall of Fame in 2008 to the training division and was re-inducted at the2022 Royal adding him to the exhibitor and breeding sections of the Hall of Fame)   Below is his original induction write up!
Larry Ella was born and raised in Woodbridge, Ontario.  He was first introduced to ponies by his parents, Howard and Doreen Ella. By seven years of age, his interest in ponies was developing, and at the age of ten he was working with his parents helping with the care and training.

During the evenings and when on summer vacation, Larry worked with the Ella ponies in addition to training for other exhibitors.  He spent time learning from many trainers including George Henderson, Lawrence Carss, Denny Lang and Skip Shenker.
Larry finished school and started into the  insurance business where he managed a local brokerage.  Larry and his wife Diane started their own insurance agency based in Woodbridge.  At the same time, Larry ventured  into the training full time and began to work for the Lewis family of Kleinburg, Ontario.  George and Mildred Lewis and family showed Morgan horses.  While working for the Lewis', they added some very nice ponies.  Mark of Success came to Canada and to the Lewis farm.  Larry showed him to many wins and started his breeding career.

When the Lewis' closed their barn, Larry moved to a new property, where he could continue raising and training ponies.  The addition of Mark of Excellence as a breeding sire and show pony added to his influence on the Hackney breed in Canada.

Larry has judged in Canada, the U.S. and Burmuda, as well as serving on the board of breed associations in Canada and the U.S.

In 2005 he was voted UPHA Trainer of the Year Award for the Hackney division as well as the 2005 UPHA Hackney Breeder of the Year.  Larry, Diane, and daughters Amanda and Shannon have been great supporters to the show horse industry in Canada and the U.S.
(Inducted to the Trainer Section of the Hall of Fame - March 2008)
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