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Marden Striplight and Suddie Marshal



Marden Striplight and Suddie Marshal were exhibited by George Newman and his daughter Jane in single, pair, tandem, gig, and phaeton classes during the 1970s and the early 1980s. Imported in 1969 through Frank Hayden, Alf Jones worked at Newmans when they first arrived. Shown lightly their first season, they matured into a pair that provided the Newman's with many years of enjoyment. For George, a win in a pair or tandem class was the greatest thrill. Striplight was often used for the gig and phaeton classes, while Marshal was used in the amateur and open classes. Marshal won stake classes at many shows including the Canadian National Exhibition as well as the Royal Winter Fair in 1976. Together they won many open and ladies pair classes and George was always the one to beat in a tandem class. Jane won many phaeton classes at Toronto, Devon  and St. Catharines. Jane continued to showed the pair following the passing of her father. They were still winning classes as they closed in on 20 years of age. Striplight and Marshal's versatility to perform in any of the classes in the Hackney division made them popular winners with judges and spectators alike.

(Inducted April 2016)

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