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Outwood Matire and Suddie Minuette


 Outwood Matire and Suddie Minuette were chosen by Lawrence Carss for Mrs. Frank Ryan of Ottawa.  Purchased through Frank Hayden, they arrived in Canada in 1969.  Also included in the consignment from the Hayden's was Marden Consummation.  Started in harness prior to being imported, Roger Puddy worked at preparing them for their first shows, and originally Matire was shown with Consummation.  Minuet was only three when imported.  As she matured she became the mate for Matire and for many season, they provided Mrs. Ryan and spectators with many superb performances as a pair. In single harness they were equally as superb.  Matire would be Mrs. Ryan's amateur entry, and under entry 15.2 entry. Minuette could be shown in the over 15.2 and was champion in hand at the Royal on two occasions.  Their yearly show schedule would include Devon, Syracuse, St. Catharines, Eastern States, Ottawa and the Royal Winter Fair.  Roger Puddy and later John Henderson kept them in tip top shape for the many years they were shown.

(Inducted April 2016)

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