Welcome to the Hackney Hall of Fame.  This section of our web site is dedicated to the greatest horses, ponies, exhibitors, breeders and trainers that have made an impact on the Hackney in Canada

Reverend Mr. Black


The World Champion Road Pony from 1980 was Reverend Mr.Black, owned and shown by Jo Ann and Andrea Hauntz, of Louisville Kentucky.  Bred by Mrs. Robert Rowe, of Illinois, he was a foal of 1966.  Trained during his career by Debbie Foley and Dr. Alan Raun, he was always in the ribbons in both amateur and open competition. Jo Ann and Andrea lived in Louisville, and showed horses and ponies on the Kentucky and Mid West circuit.  Andrea married John Foote and moved Manitoba, and Canada became her home.  Reverend Mr. Black also made the move north of the 49th parallel along with a pony mare.  Young prospects were developed and sold on to other exhibitors. Hackney exhibitors in Manitoba made use of the services of a locally owned world Champion to produce their own show prospects.  Some very nice Road and Harness ponies today have his name in their pedigree.(Inducted April 2016)

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