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Jim Young


For the 25 years that Jim and Helen Harvey’s Hackneys graced the ring at horse shows big and small, a constant throughout that period was their trainer, Jim Young. 

As a teenager Jim worked at a cousin’s farm where driving work horses helped prepare him for what lay ahead. A job caring for Shorthorn cattle opened up an opportunity when the sale of this herd coincided with the owner’s friend, Jim Harvey, looking for a trainer with driving experience as he was moving from showing hunters to Hackneys. Jim Young’s background was a perfect fit. 

At age 25 in 1960, Jim Young began training for the Harveys at Kingston, a position he would hold for 25 years. When the Harveys retired from showing Hackneys in 1985, 50-year-old Jim Young also retired, by choice, from horses. 

He trained the Harvey Hackneys for competition in single, pair and tandem classes. He worked the ponies Cambridge Bonanza, Why Worry Brilliance, Double Bubble of Hopewell, Cassilis Eros and Mark of Canterbury, among others. The horses included Peel’s Joy, Application, Dufferin Sorceress, Kilreen’s Seamus, Boulder’s Black Rose, Suddie Spectator, and Hurstwood Toreador who won the Hackney Horse Championship Stake Class five times at the Royal Winter Fair (1975, 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1982), the last time at age 22.

Jim Harvey also bred some Hackneys which Jim Young prepared for in-hand classes at The Royal and other shows. Always on the lookout for new stock, the two Jims often took road trips to scout out prospects.  

The Glen Lawrence Farm Hackneys competed at big shows in Canada and the U.S. like The Royal Winter Fair, Eastern States, Syracuse, St. Catharines, Ottawa Exhibition, Ottawa Winter Fair and Devon, as well as smaller shows such as Smiths Falls, Napanee, Perth, Connaught Park and Ormstown. When Jim Harvey couldn’t make it to a show at the last minute due to work commitments, Jim Young stepped into the viceroy. 

Thanks to Jim Young, the Glen Lawrence Farm consistently presented a top-notch stable of immaculately-turned-out and successful Hackneys that were admired internationally. Always respected and well liked, Jim Young remained humble in spite of his training accomplishments. He credits Jim and Helen Harvey for being both good to work for and genuinely nice people. For 25 years, from 1960 to 1985, Jim Harvey and Jim Young were an outstanding owner-trainer team in the Hackney show world.

(Inducted May 2022)


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